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Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Book Festival

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The Book Lives!

Reports that the book is dead have been, as they say, wildly exaggerated. If your travel plans take you to Edinburgh in the summer, and you love books in all of their forms and subjects, you'll definitely want to attend the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Every August since 1983, hundreds of publishers and authors gather in the city to celebrate the written word. Based in the Charlotte Square Garden in the heart of Edinburgh, the festival features hundreds of events, including readings, lectures, panel discussions, workshops and debates. You'll find many authors attending, from Nobel Prize recipients to new, emerging writers. While you're there, you'll be able to discover what new titles are being published by houses throughout the world. Take the opportunity to also discover the many second-hand book shops through the city, where you can browse through used and rare volumes. Wear your most comfortable shoes; it's a big event.

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