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Lisbon, Portugal

The Feast of Saint Anthony

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Let Them Eat Sardines!

One of the largest festival in Lisbon, The Feast of Saint Anthony brings celebration, dancing, music, and of course lots of grilled sardines to the streets of Lisbon. Celebrations take place city wide but are mainly concentrated in the Alfama district. However, the festivities kick off each year with an enormous parade running down the Avenida da Liberdade. Locals fill the streets with streamers, lanterns, and the sounds of live Fado music at every turn. The festival is meant to honor Saint Anthony the patron saint of Lisbon. There are a few traditions associated with the Feast of Saint Anthony including eating tons of grilled sardines, exchanging small pots of basil with loved ones, and matchmaking amongst single females. If you are in town during the festivities, expect many businesses to be closed down; however, the lively festivities will hopefully make up for it.

Utrip Tips

* If you are in town, don't miss the opening parade!

*This festival takes place all throughout the city, though the highest concentration of festivities are in the Alfama district and the Avenida da Liberdade.

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