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Lisbon, Portugal

Alfama Entertainment

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Today: 7:00pm-2:00am
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Fado and More

Lisbon's nightlife is famously wild, but there's more to it than just drinking and spontaneous street parties. What better place to see the more cultural side of things than Alfama, the ancient neighborhood of charmingly narrow alleys and hidden squares? First, for a bit of Portuguese quirkiness, stop by Chapito, the restaurant/bar run by a clown school, for something to eat and a few warm-up drinks. Scared of clowns? Try Mesa de Frades, a restaurant in a former chapel, for some fado. Come after 11 if you don't want to pay for dinner. If you've had enough fado already, then head over to Onda Jazz for drinks and live jazz music.

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*Chapito *Mesa de Frades *Onda Jazz

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