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Rally in The Mountians

As one of the most famous races in the World Rally Championship, the Monte Carlo Rally is definitely not to be missed if you're a fiend for auto racing. While most of the race takes places high up in the mountains above Monte Carlo (in fact, we've put you smack in the Col de Turini, one of the most famous stretches of the race), you'll definitely be able to catch a few whiffs of the action—and maybe the howl of a few engines—while you're in town. So whether you want to head to the mountains to watch some of the worlds' best drivers take down a host of hairpins, straights, and mixed terrain or you'd rather catch the awards ceremony on the last day (outside the palace), the Monte Carlo Rally is a definite highlight that could make your trip to Monte Carlo even more special.

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*Be sure to check their website to see where the races are each day

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