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Yuriria, Mexico

Pueblo Magico


The name of the city stems from Yuririhapundaro, a Purepecha label with the warm, fuzzy meaning, "The Place of the Bloody Lake"--or, if you'd prefer a bit of bloody brevity, "Lake of Blood."

But wait! You should still come check out this historic settlement in the volcanic highlands of southern Guanajuato. The origin of the whole "blood" thing isn't completely clear: Some say it refers to an alleged natural phenomenon of the little crater lake Yuriria encompasses: The lake waters apparently turn red during seismic activity. But there's also the local legend of pre-Columbian sacrifices made in the bigger Yuriria Lagoon. Well, moving on...

Those lakes establish a unique and appealing geography for Yuriria, officially designated a "Pueblo Magico" by the Mexican government. Driving or boating out to Isla de San Pedro on the southern edge of the lagoon is a quintessential experience, and you can try the bounty of these local waters (bloody or not) at shoreline fisherman stalls.

Architecturally speaking, however, the crowning glory of Yuriria is surely the Ex-Convento de San Pablo Apostol, aka the Augustinian Temple, a grand battlement of a cathedral built in the mid-16th century. It's only the biggest of a number of churches in town; others include the lakeshore Chapel of Saint Mary and the Lord of the Precious Blood of Christ Temple.

Sampling local mole or michi at the market, taking in the glinting sunset from Isla de San Pedro, admiring the castle-like ramparts and enigmatic murals of the Ex-Convento--Yuriria certainly rewards those who venture out down to the Lake of Blood.


Restaurante Las Juanitas

Homestyle Mexican

Exconvento Agustino de San Pablo

Castle of a Cathedral

El Monasterio

Old Fashioned, not Meager

Mariscos Arrayán

Regional Seafood

Laguna de Yuriria

Historic Reservoir

Templo de La Purísima Concepción

Precious and Sacred

Templo de La Preciosa Sangre de Cristo

A Dramatic Past

Jardín Central

The Green Heart

Cráter La Joya

Light and Ecology