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Nestled in the central state of Guanajuato, this town is a hidden treasure of Mexico. It possesses a unique appeal not found just anywhere, from hiking to archeological treasures. Off the track? Perhaps, but that may be the most charming aspect of this destination.

Penjamo is probably best known for the Hacienda de Corralejo, established in 1755. Here is where they make the famed Blue Agave Weber brand of tequila. Not only are the grounds a beautiful example of Mexican colonial architecture, but the distillery is open for tours. For those who appreciate the best tequila (which, by the way, is an appellation, just as "champagne" can only come from certain regions of France), this is the place to see where the special spirit is made. 

The Zona Arqueológica de Plazuelas, a pre-Columbian site dating back to the classic Mayan period of 600-900 AD, is definitely an awe-inspiring side trip. The pyramids and carved glyphs are amazing, but be sure to see the ball courts - where the phrase "sudden-death" may have gotten its origin. The small museum will help you place the culture of this ancient culture in the context of Mexican history.

Despite the somewhat foreboding name, the Canyon of the Bats is nevertheless a beautiful place to hike. The trails provide wonderful vistas of waterfalls and the rugged terrain. It is probably best to take precautions when hiking in the area: Take plenty of water and rations along with you. 

Penjamo is a quaint, peaceful town, with amenities to match. While you may not find yourself in the lap of luxury, Penjamo is instead a unique opportunity to explore the town and make friends - the people are very welcoming - and enjoy a special trip off the track.


Tequila Corralejo

Distillery w/Historic Digs

Parador Turístico Corralejo de Hidalgo

Guanjuato Tourist Attractions

Zona Arqueológica Plazuelas

Ancient City

Los Tejados Campestre

Classic Mexican Cuisine

Jardin Principal Ana Maria Gallaga

Penjamo's Main Square

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

Penjamo Church

Belle Vue

Casual Times with Friends

El Palacio del Tiempo

Toast Father Hidalgo

Buffet Manolete

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