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There’s off the beaten path, and then there’s charming Jalpa de Canovas. This small town, established by the Spanish in 1542, is less than an hour's drive from Leon, but it retains its classic historic flavor. It's tucked away and with little in the way of organized tourism, but that's really its charm. Take some time to travel there to see a small town that still shows the beauty of rural Mexico.

If you love Mexican colonial architecture, you’ll certainly be pleased you stopped by. You'll find many buildings dating back for centuries, including the locally-famed Hacienda de Jalpa, a beautiful 19th-century ranch that is now a museum. There is also the Museo Luis Cabrera, a quirky little local museum that houses the collection of a local resident. Be sure to visit the local church, the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, a charming early 19th century building. 

The local area is rural and agricultural, and it is well worth a drive around the area. The region is known for its walnut groves, which are particularly beautiful in the spring. That agricultural focus lends itself to the food in the area, as local restaurants offer regional cuisine, with a wide choice of dishes. Take a midday meal to find a taste of this region of Mexico. Be aware that there are very few places to stay in the town, so a visit to Jalpa de Canovas may be best as a day-trip.

While you're in the area, consider stopping by the Eco-Park El Sabinal. This garden park is located on the Lerma River, one of the largest - and least-known - rivers of the country. With broad fields and views of local wildlife, it's a refreshing place for a picnic.


Presa Nueva de Jalpa

Water in the Desert

Restaurante Rincon De La Galera

Mexican Restaurant

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The Centerpiece of Jalpa

Plaza Principal

Public Square

Museo Luis Cabrera

Documenting Jalpa de Cánovas, One Piece at a Time

Templo Del Señor de la Misericordia de Jalpa de Canovas

Historic Catholic Church

Cañada de Negros

Tiny, Tucked-Away Town

Molino de Harina

Relic of Jalpa's Past

Avenida Jalpa

The Main Drag

Dulces y Licores “Braniff”

Sweets & Liquors