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Ice Cream of the Gods

Every locale has its own special food specialty - that's the fun of travel - but Dolores Hidalgo has cornered the market on, well, weird ice cream. Sure, the idea of having a nice, cold ice cream in the heat of the day in central Mexico always seems like a good idea, but think outside the cone. In this town, they challenge you to push the limits of what you'd like to try. The flavors this town offers are... well, you have to be there.

Throughout Dolores Hidalgo there are many ice cream vendors who will happily serve you with the pedestrian flavors of strawberry, pistachio (maybe with some walnut sprinkled on top), blueberry, even pineapple or, if you're willing to exercise your taste buds, a nice scoop of avocado-flavored ice cream. But, pork rind flavor? Mole? What about shrimp with octopus? Don't make that face! Try it and see if it works for you. There are also scoops of tequila flavor or, if you're feeling like a nice glass of vino, try the Cabernet Savignon. The most famous flavor, though, is the garambullo, the purple cactus. When was the last time you ever turned down an ice cream cone?

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