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Celebrating History

Who doesn't enjoy a good public celebration? In the historic town of Dolores Hidalgo you'll find several opportunities to enjoy a good street party with the people of the town. Unlike many places in Mexico, however, the main fiestas find their origins in the political history of the country. It was here, after all, that the local priest, Fr. Dolores, made his passionate speech in 1810 (called the grito, meaning "the scream"), calling for Mexican independence from Spain; ever since then, this has been considered one of the most important centers in the movement for freedom.

If your travels take you to Dolores Hidalgo on the first Monday in February, you'll have the opportunity to celebrate the Aniversario de la Constitución (established in 1917).The birthdate of one of the great national leaders is celebrated on a Monday each March with the Natalicio de Benito Juárez. Dia del Trabajo (Labor Day) is, of course, celebrated on May 1st. The height of the fiesta season, of course, is the celebration of the great call for independence. From the evening of September 15th throughout the day of September 16th, all of Dolores Hidalgo comes out for the festival of Grito de Dolores and Aniversario de la Independencia. Come and enjoy!

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