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A Nation Was His Passion

Why would a wealthy man decide to give up his privileged life and dedicate his fortunes to an independence movement that could only end in his imprisonment and, perhaps, death? That is great story of the life of Mariano Abasolo, who willingly took part in the great 1810 independence movement, when the call went out to declare separation from the Spanish masters and make Mexico free. Throwing all that he owned into the struggle, he helped to finance the movement, but ended up captured a year later, dying in prison in just five years.

Today, his beautiful home, built in 1783, is dedicated to his memory. A wonderful, peaceful building, it is a classic colonial Spanish-Mexican house of its time - a place that Don Mariano Abasolo singularly left in order to serve his country.

Utrip Tips

* Casa de Abasolo's interior is currently under renovations and is not available to the public, but the exterior is still available to visit.

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