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The midsized city of Dolores Hidalgo holds a special place in the hearts of many in Mexico. Here on the early morning of September 16, 1810--back when the settlement was known simply as Dolores--a Catholic priest named Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla delivered what became known as the "Cry of Dolores," a rallying call for Mexican independence from Spain.

Many heeded Hidalgo's muster, which culminated, after 11 long years of war, in Mexico sovereignty on September 27, 1821. Today, Dolores Hidalgo--officially renamed in honor of the "Father of Mexico" in 1824--draws celebrants from across the country to mark Independence Day.

That heady history puts Dolores Hidalgo, the "Cradle of Independence," on the tourist map, too. Admire the statue of Miguel Hidalgo in the Plaza Principal, visit his home at the Museo Casa de Hidalgo, and delve into the "Cry of Dolores" and its great reverberations at the National Independence Museum, sited in the former jailhouse whose prisoners Father Hidalgo released that fateful September 16.

Others come here to pay tribute to a hero of more recent times: the iconic, massively popular ranchera singer José Alfredo Jiménez, born in Dolores Hidalgo in 1926 and buried in the city cemetery.

But the focus in Dolores Hidalgo isn't exclusively on the past. The city's also renowned for a strong homegrown ceramics industry, its pottery sold all over the world. Drop by local workshops and come away with a few souvenirs of your visit. And don't neglect another of Dolores Hidalgo's well-known products: ice cream, including some outside-the-box flavors we're going to bet you've never tried before.

And hey, did we mention the wine? Thanks to the vineyards Cuna de Tierra, you can explore the finer points of Dolores Hidalgo terroir. We won't judge you should that exploration incorporate some wine-and-ice-cream pairings--which would certainly be an all-out celebration of local flavor.


Museo de la Independencia

Heavy-Hitting History

Museo Histórico Curato de Dolores

Hidalgo House

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Dolores

Where the Mexican Revolution Began

Plaza del Grande Hidalgo

A Calm and Beautiful Place

Templo de la Tercera Orden

Temple of the Third Order

Museo Casa de Hidalgo

Honoring a National Hero

Museo del Vino

The Heart of Mexico's Wine Country

Las Nieves de Dolores

Ice Cream of the Gods

Carnitas Vicente

"The" Must-Go Restaurant in Dolores Hidalgo

Cuna de Tierra

Dolores Hidalgo Terroir