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Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku Golden Gai

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Tiny Bars with Big Personality

Shinjuku Golden Gai provides a unique nightlife experience not seen anywhere else in the world. Within its network of alleys and passageways, hundreds of small bars (and I mean small - many are at capacity at 5 or 6 seats) are squeezed into this longstanding nightlife district. While similar venues might have met the bulldozer in land-sparse Tokyo, Golden Gai has carved itself out as an institution in Tokyo. Each bar has a wonderfully unique theme, an eclectic mix of genres and themes depending on the owner's personality. Want a bar celebrating heavy metal and horror? Check. Hospital themed bar complete with a bartender in scrubs serving medical themed drinks and food in kidney dishes? Check. Fancy a night in an intimate bar lined with fetish gear and signed posters of famous female pro-wrestlers? Done. Golden Gai has personality that can hardly be contained within the tiny bars and it's an infectious brand of fun that can't be missed - if you don't mind a tight squeeze.

Business Information:

Today: 5:30pm-5:00am
This Week
Monday:4:00am-5:00am, 5:30pm-5:00am

Utrip Tips

* Most bars in Golden Gai charge a cover fee to encourage patrons to stick around, as the bars are extremely tiny (5-10 chairs, maximum). Be aware that some bars are private and serve only their regulars, but most are open to the public.

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