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Ah, fair Verona: home to the most famous romance in literary history. Verona's tourism board loves this romantic heritage and as a result, you won't have a hard time finding Romeo and Juliet related activities throughout the city. Of course, a travel plan to Verona doesn’t have to be all about Shakespeare—once you’ve seen Juliet’s balcony and groped her lovely bronze bosom (for good luck in future romantic endeavors, of course)—there’s a wealth of Roman history, UNESCO World Heritage architecture, and small-town Italian charm just waiting to be discovered. Stroll through the city’s two ancient piazzas for a two-thousand year trek through time: Piazza Brà holds one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in the world, and the façades in Piazza delle Erbe wield stunning Renaissance frescoes, still as colorful as they were five hundred years ago. With winding alleyways, tons of neighborhood restaurants, bars, and hangout spots it's easy to find yourself submerged in local culture, forgetting the more touristy neighborhoods of the city.

Sights abound in Verona, especially for lovers of history. A tapestry of churches and basilicas weaves its way across the city, from the striped exterior of the Duomo to the rich Renaissance artwork of Sant’Anastasia. Venture over one of the bridges that span the River Adige for an even richer taste of Verona. You’ll find the hilltop Castel San Pietro, the luxuriously manicured Giusti Garden, and a Roman theater that dates back to the first century BC. With all of the abundant beauty of this renaissance city, no wonder Shakespeare chose it for the backdrop of the most romantic story of all time.


Osteria al Duca

Dine In Romeo's Home

Da Salvatore

Late Night Pizza


Romeo's Point of View

Verona in Love

Festival of Love


Wines Of The World

Osteria Trattoria Perbacco

Undiscovered Osteria

Trattoria dal Taio

Dine in a Cave

Arena di Verona

Ancient Roman Stadium

San Zeno Maggiore

A Church Fair as Juliet

Duomo di Verona

The Cathedral of Verona