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Venice, Italy

San Simeone Piccolo Church

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Today: 8:00am
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Cost: Free

Mass in Latin

This church, which is essentially the first thing visitors see across the canal when exiting the train station, has some unique and interesting details that make it worth checking out. For one, it is the only church in Venice to have mass in Latin, so if you’re a lover of language, come for the rare chance to hear the dead language spoken because you might never have the opportunity again. It was also one of the last churches to be built in the city, which is interesting because it was constructed almost 300 years ago. Note the slight resemblance to other important Italian buildings; the large domed ceiling is an echo of countless churches throughout the country, though in this case it's extremely oversized, and the columned entryway looks much like the Pantheon in Rome.

Open in Google Maps: calle nuova san simeone

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