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Venice is an ancient city, a treasure trove of relics that is slowly being dragged back into the sea from whence it came. Situated over more than a hundred islands and sliced by ribbons of canals, Venice is certainly unlike any other city in the world. It flourished during the High Middle Ages as an economic powerhouse, becoming a wealthy, watery metropolis of arching bridges and Gothic buildings. While the authenticity of the city may seem to be eroding as fast as its houses, on a travel plan to Venice you will find that some of the former city-state’s magic still lives on in breathtaking churches, hidden canals, and abundant alleyways.

Modern Venice is shaped mostly by its landscape and the stunning architectural icons that dot this amazing city. Just because it’s sinking doesn’t mean that it will drown or disappear. The steadfast resolve of its people won’t allow that. And even though it’s a city swamped with tourists, they all flock here for a reason: to see the wonders and to feel the history and culture, which permeates even the most densely touristy areas. No amount of tchotchkes could bury this city’s history, culture, and resolve. There are countless facets that await discovery by determined travelers: passionate chefs serve up fresh crustaceans procured from the bustling Rialto Market, students chat outside bars with spritzes in hand, and little art galleries thrive beneath towering campaniles. Not even the vengeful sea can take away the culture and history of this wonderful city.



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