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Modernity & Nobility

Housed in the former stable of Napoleaon’s Dragoons with its ancient brick-vaulted ceilings and ocher walls, Al Garamond “proposes a balanced and imaginative cuisine” featuring modern, creative interpretations derived from Piedmontese, Italian, and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Among their offerings are the calamari and cous cous with dried tomatoes on creamy peas, lightly scented with anise; buckwheat dumplings in a seafood soup with a hint of saffron; monkfish carpaccio with herb rice and slice of lime; or the fresh catch of the day, served with either Mediterranean vegetable ratatouille or complimentary dish. If this is your only visit to Al Garamond, this would be the ideal time to try one of the tasting menus, which range from 38-75 euros for 4-6 courses.

Open in Google Maps: Via G. Pomba 14, Turin, Italy

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