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While a travel plan to Turin might not be as popular as one to Rome or Venice, the city has a certain Italian elegance that can’t be matched by the larger, more touristy destinations. Located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy and sitting amongst the small hills that lead into the Alps, Turin has a mild climate with cold, dry winters. This climate, while not conducive to sunbathing or for those looking for Mediterranean weather, has led to Turin becoming a hotbed of culinary masters working with specialties like cheese, wine, truffles, and of course chocolate. The mixture of fine food and wine with cold winters has created a burgeoning café culture that is participated in by both locals and travelers.  

Turin’s culture has something for everyone, all of it of the highest caliber. For those with a love for horsepower, Turin is the home of Fiat. Turin is also the stomping ground of two of the best soccer teams in Europe, Juventus and Torino, who both play in Serie A. The Shroud of Turin, one of the most famous religious relics in Christianity, is located within one of the many grand churches of Turin, the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist. When getting lost in the city’s beautiful streets, travelers who have a deep appreciation for architecture notice the heavy Baroque influence in the squares and buildings that make up the city. With its diverse and authentic culture, any traveler who takes a trip to Turin will appreciate the style and atmosphere that has been cultivated over hundreds of years.


Juventus Stadium

Must See for Soccer Fans

Turin Cathedral and Chapel of the Holy Shroud

Home of the Shroud

Egyptian Museum of Turin

Ancient Egypt in Italy

Piazza San Carlo

The Living Room of Turin

Mole Antonelliana

A Spire and Museum

Museo dell'Automobile

Turin's Auto Paradise

Piazza Castello

The Heart of Turin

Juventus Game

Turin's Football Titans

Trattoria F.lli Bravo

Popular Local Trattoria

Palazzo Madama

A Museum with a View