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Taormina, Italy

Santuario Madonna della Rocca

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See a Place of Miracles

The Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rock is built into the side of a steep mountain in the town of Taormina, using a natural cave system in the side of the mountain. In these caves, visions of the Virgin Mary were said to have appeared to a shepherd. The cave currently contains writings on the rock walls left there by a holy hermit who stayed in the cave for a time. While you are there, you should also visit the ruins of Castle Taormina at the top of the mountain.

Utrip Tips

*While you're here, also take a look at Castello Saraceno (Taormina Castle) which towers above the Madonna della Rocca. It is unknown exactly how old this castle actually is; however, many speculate that it dates back to the time when Taormina was an ancient Greek town. You cannot visit the castle but it is certainly worth taking note of.

Open in Google Maps: Rotabile Castel Mola, 84, Taormina

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