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Taormina, Italy

Regional Archaeological Museum

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Regional Archaeological Museum

Sight seeing excursions will help you truly discover Taormina. Otherwise, you're likely to miss significant attractions such as the Archaeological Museum located within the village. While Sicily has plenty of obvious museums and galleries, Badia Vecchia is all-too-often passed by in lieu of other obvious attractions.

But, oh, what a rookie mistake that is. The 14th century palazzo, locally referred to as "Old Abbey", was once the residence of Mother Abbess Badessa Eufemia, Regent of Sicily in 1355. It has since been converted into a regional museum showcasing priceless artifacts from the 4th century BC through the 18th century, some of which were pulled from the Ionic Sea. Two floors of prestigious artwork are available for your viewing pleasure through specialized structured tours.

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*The museum is housed in Badia Vecchia, which was once and Abbey in the 14th Century. The building is known for its exquisite mullioned windows.

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