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Colorful Gardens

Although somewhat hard to find and well off the beaten path, this park is definitely worth the reward you will receive for searching it out. Once the private estate of Cardinal Antonio Barberini, this park was donated by its last owner to Mussolini in 1932 on the condition that it be open to the public. It features a garden that is full of dusty gravel paths that lead around statues, topiaries, fountains, benches, bushes, grassy areas, and many trees. It is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. Your best approach for getting here is from Viale Trastevere. At the Ministry of Education turn onto Via E. Morosini, then take the first left (Via Dandolo) to make the climb and turn left at Via Calandrelli. In Via Calandrelli there are two entrances the first giving on to Piazzale Wurts, designed by Pio Piacentini and the second at Largo E. Mintilli.

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