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Rome, Italy

Santa Maria del Popolo

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Masterpieces Abound

Legend has it that before a church was built here, the area was haunted by the ghost of Emperor Nero and terrorized by demonic black crows that lived in walnut trees and cawed at passing villagers. Luckily, Pope Paschal II disliked both birds and ghost emperors and decreed in 1099 that Santa Maria de Popolo be built to scare away the evil. It seems to have done the trick. This beautiful church (located on the fringe of Piazza del Popolo right by the Flaminian Gate) features a staggeringly beautiful dome decorated with Raphael's ‘Creation of the World’ mosaics. The church itself includes many other master works by several famous artists, architects, and sculptors including Bernini, Caravaggio, Pinturicchio, Andrea Bregno, Guillaume de Marcillat and Donato Bramante.

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