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Rome, Italy

Hot Air Balloon Tour

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Today: 7:00am-6:00pm
This Week
Cost: $294.01 USD (250.00 EUR)

At The Whim Of The Wind

Don’t let the clutching hands of gravity impair your travel experience. Rise early to meet the dawn—or wait until dusk—to see Northern Rome including Bracciano lake and the farm country from a hot air balloon. After assisting with the rigging and inflation of the balloon, you’ll hop into its wicker basket (large enough that you and five other people will be completely safe and comfortable) and be gently lifted beyond the chatter and bustle of Rome. Watch the rolling green countryside scroll below you as the sun rises or sets over the hills. When you touch back down in a grassy field, you’ll be greeted with a breakfast of hot espresso, tea, and croissants (for morning tours) or a celebratory glass of champagne (for evening tours). All told, the event will last four hours (flight time is 1 hour) and is available April-September, weather permitting.

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Open in Google Maps: Via F.Michelini Tocci, 68, Roma

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