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Contemporary Art Gallery

The Gagosian name is a staple in modern and contemporary art. Since Larry Gagosian established the first gallery in LA in 1979, 11 others have been created worldwide in cities like New York, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris due to its wild success hosting artists like Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rauschenberg. In 2007, Gagosian expanded into Italy with the Rome gallery. Located in a former bank built in the 1920s, the constrast between the classical Roman design and the awesome contemporary space created by the architect Firouz Galdo in collaboration with Caruso St John, creates a visually engaging space. The first exhibition was Cy Twombly’s “Three Notes from Salalah", and the gallery has since rotated other notable modern and contemporary artists you won’t want to miss.

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* You must make an appointment to visit this gallery. Call or email when you arrive in Rome if interested.

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