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Rome, Italy

Day Trip to Tivoli

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Today: 9:00am-6:00pm
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A Break from the City

While Rome is, no doubt, a Western cultural iconoclast that’s packed to the brim with amazing sights and history, there’s a considerable amount outside of Rome proper that is equally as amazing. Take Tivoli, for example.

With a long history of being an escape for Rome’s monarchs, popes, and other leaders, this town (which is just a few miles outside of Rome) offers some spectacular sights that are sure to add an immense amount of historical and cultural depth to your trip, all while also taking away the hurry and scurry of city life. So if you find yourself looking for the relaxing side of old Rome and wouldn’t mind a break from the bustle of the Eternal City, head over to Tivoli and see why folks have been escaping here for centuries.

Utrip Tips

*Check out Hadrian's Villa, Villa d'Este, and Villa Gregoriana while you're here.
*From Rome, you have a few options to get here:

The Train
: From Tiburtina Station to Tivoli. From the station, you'll have to catch a shuttle or a bus to the attractions (probably by way of the main city square).
The Bus: Take the B Line from Ponte Mammolo; it has a stop a few hundred meters away from Hadrian's Villa. From here, you can shuttle up to the city center and the other sights around town.

When you're in town, use the 4 Line from city center; that will get you to Hadrian's Villa.

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