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Rome, Italy

Centrale Montemartini

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Industrial Antiquity

The Montemartini Museum is located in a former thermoelectric-power center. Artifacts and exceptional recreations contrast brilliantly with the industrial backdrop of powerful machinery. Opened at the turn of the century, the Montemartini Center was the first public electricity plant to produce electricity for Rome. Since its closure, it has become an exhibition for ancient works, including its famous piece, "Venus in the Boiler Room." Also, don't miss the beautiful sea-life mosaics on the far wall downstairs. This is a great spot if you are looking to avoid swarms of tourists. All in all, the former power plant is slightly out of the way, quiet, and a little offbeat, but all this meas is that you can wander at your own leisure.

Open in Google Maps: Via Ostiense 106 - 00154

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