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Haute Cuisine & Fine Art

Born from the love of haute cuisine and fine art, Chef Carmelo Marino of Al Covo Dell’Arte (“The Art Lair”) is dedicated to creating his own refined works of art. Every detail, from the dining rooms to the names of menu items to the presentation of the food, is designed to evoke the paintings of the great masters. Although their menu is rooted in Sicilian culinary tradition, the menu is open to some experimentation with Mediterranean and international gastronomy. Try the starter “Gauguin” tartare of tuna and mullet; a hearty, thick “Botticelli” veal sirloin; or the sweet “De Chirico” waffle dessert. The restaurant is mere steps away from Teatro Massimo and Tearo Politeama in Piazza Marina, ideal for a pre-dinner show or special occasion dinner.

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