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Brimming with mysterious charm, Palermo beckons with a quintessentially Sicilian soul. Sicily sits apart from the Italian mainland like a grungy sibling who has run away from home, and its capital embodies this idiosyncratic spirit. Palermo combines recognizable Italian elements with fragments that are entirely different from the rest of an Italian travel plan. A medieval melting pot created a quilt of exotic architecture and unique culture: locals flock to an Arab-style open market for couscous, and magnificent churches show off intricate Byzantine gilding alongside Norman artwork and Moorish arches. Add a dash of warm Mediterranean sun to all that, and Palermo becomes a wonderland for the adventurous traveler.

The crumbling Palermo of the 20th century is getting a new kick of energy as Sicily’s post-war era of neglect is finally coming to an end. Though the bomb scars are still evident, there’s a palpable excitement that drives young entrepreneurs and bent-backed old ladies alike. Much-needed civic improvements are finally being made, to the considerable benefit of travelers, and the city is becoming navigable (though the chaotic traffic and language barrier still remains). Despite the reinvigoration, the customs of traditional Sicily continue to shine through. Food is at the heart of this bustling city as kitchens serve up the day’s catch, fresh from the sea and street vendors sell delicious food on every corner. Markets are an essential part of Palermo’s lifeblood and they have everything a traveler needs for a delicious picnic lunch in one of the city’s ancient piazzas. So stay awhile, and soak up the unparalleled beauty of historic Palermo.


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