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Easter Explosions

One of the largest festivals in Florence, Scoppio del Carro ("Explosion of the Cart") is a tradition that dates back nearly 400 years. Held on Easter Sunday, the festival both celebrates the resurrection of Christ and an old Italian folklore. Pazzino, a brave Italian soldier during the Crusades, scaled the walls of Jerusalem and raised the Christian flag. The festival is aptly named the Explosion of the Cart because an ornate, three story tall cart carrying a large supply of fireworks, is carried throughout town. When the procession arrives at the Duomo, the priest sets off the fireworks in a spectacular display. If you are in town during Easter (religious or not) don't hesitate to take part in this years old tradition that ends with a bang.

Utrip Tips

* The procession begins at 10am and the explosion at Piazza del Duomo takes off at 11am.

Open in Google Maps: Fireworks at Piazza del Duomo

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