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Traditional vs Modern

Il Santo Graal understands the Italian secret of experimenting with what is new while still appreciating old-world values. Divided up into traditional Italian courses, the menu at Il Santo Graal has two categories of food: Traditional and New Style. For those more traditionally inclined, try the octopus and potatoes for an appetizer, fusili pasta with eggplant and thyme for a first course, and roasted duck with fennel seed for a main course. If you're looking for something more modern and new, try the chicken liver pate with figs and oranges for an appetizer, the celery root gnocchi with anchovies and buffalo mozzarella for a first course, and sea bass with toasted hazelnuts for the main course. The restaurant decor itself is a mix of old and new, of comfort and class, a bridge between two worlds.

Utrip Tips

*Recommended by local expert Lisa Mastropieri.

Open in Google Maps: Via Romana, 70r, 50125

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