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Catania, Italy

Chiesa San Benedetto

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Decadent 18th Century Church

Chiesa San Benedetto is dedicated to St. Benedict of Nursia. The church was constructed between 1704 and 1713. Celebrated for its remarkable "Angel's Staircase," the church is strewn with illustrious architectural details and artworks.

While the exterior is quite impressive, the interior of the church is simply breathtaking. Frescoes can be viewed on the ceilings and walls. Many tell the story of St. Benedict's life. If you have time, be sure to view the entire street, which some have called one of the loveliest in Italy. The walk up the church steps, however, is sure to be a highlight of your visit.

Utrip Tips

*The hours are a bit vague. Just be mindful that there may be a service going on.

Open in Google Maps: Via Crociferi, Catania

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