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Galway, Ireland



The cultural heart of Ireland, Galway's a thriving coastal town with a musical soul and deep roots in Irish history. Historically run by 14 dominant merchant clans—the legacies of which can still be seen around town to this day—Galway's evolved from a Medieval port (that Christopher Columbus actually visited) to a vibrant, bustling city with a knack for tech and a passion for trad music, which you'll hear pouring out of pubs every night of the week. 

Whether you're looking to survey a few castles, gape at the Cliffs of Moher, pub crawl like there's no tomorrow, or just steep in the cultural richness of the city, Galway's an amazing place to visit for a quintessentially Irish experience; in fact, there are still many places around town where Irish is spoken.  But just because it has a strong sense of tradition doesn't mean that Galway's a step back in time. There are some of the best modern restaurants in the country, and the whole city is passionate about utilizing the local area's bounty of produce and ingredients. There's also just about every kind of bar imaginable; from modern gastropubs to dim-lit, well-worn pubs, you'll find a great place to end your day (and maybe start the next one). 


Cliffs of Moher

Sublime Sea Scarp


Galway by the Sea

Kettle of Fish

Tastes of Europe

Papa Rich Street Food Kitchen

Express Asian Food

Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival

A Pearl of a Culinary Festival

Crane Bar

Quay Street

The Heart of Galway

Galway Cathedral

Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas

Brasserie On The Corner

Fine Dining in the Theater District