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The Last Moated Castle

Drimnagh Castle's moat, unique in all of Ireland, is not the only thing that makes it stand out. This is also one of the few Norman castles in Ireland, which means that it dates back times of the French invasions. During the time of the Crusades, almost 1000 years ago, the French invaded and settled in Ireland.

The history of this region stretches back 5000 years, to when the first Neolithic settlements were established nearby. Sir Hugo de Bernivale, a Norman knight, built his castle here in 1215, and this is the Drimnagh Castle that we see today in Landsdowne Valley. The castle was fully restored in the 1980s, and guests can tour the interior as well the extensive grounds, which have been preserved as a 17th century garden.

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You can make an appointment if you want to visit the castle on other times.

Open in Google Maps: 12 Long Mile Road, 12, Ireland

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