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A travel plan to the Irish capital isn’t just about Guinness and flute ditties—but that’s certainly part of the fun. Beyond the commercial breweries, distilleries, and stomping dancers, Dublin holds a rich cultural history that stretches all the way back to the ninth century. Centuries-old bridges have served as inspiration to Dublin’s generations of literary geniuses, and medieval relics still lie behind the castle walls waiting to inspire a new generation of onlookers. If you look for them, there are even monuments of charismatic statesmen pockmarked with bullet holes: reminders of the long struggle for independence. It's a city that broods with its history. 

Today, Dublin’s population is young, vibrant, and diverse. The energy is palpable: punk rock bands headline next to pubs hosting traditional Irish bands playing equally quintessential ballads. This vast energy has become a huge lure for immigrants, who happily serve foods from their homeland, creating a colorful, ever-evolving palate just under the city's stunning cobblestone facade. Experiencing Dublin requires an open mind, a sturdy pair of shoes, and a willingness to get a little lost; there are few better ways to feel this city's history than wandering its streets and bridges. And even though things are a bit expensive here, it's a small price to pay for what you are able to experience: a city brimming with culture—both international and Irish—that's begging to get lost in. And whether you hole up in a pub that you may never be able to find again or simply meander the Liffey, a walk through Dublin is a walk that won't be forgotten.


Trinity College

Center of Irish History

Bewley’s Café

Best Brew

The Bakehouse

Bread in Dublin

National Gallery of Ireland

Irish Art, Free of Charge

Guinness Storehouse

A Pint from the Source

Dublin Castle

History, Fortified

Leo Burdock - Christchurch

Dublin's Oldest Chippie

Leo Burdock - Temple Bar

Dublin's Oldest Chippie

The Old Jameson Distillery

Where the Last Chapter Is Drinkable

St. Stephen's Green

Walk the Green