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Cork, Ireland

Blarney Castle & Gardens

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Kiss That Stone!

The Blarney Castle (built the better part of six centuries ago) is best-known as the home of the Blarney Stone, which, legend says, grants those who smooch it the gift of eloquence. To kiss the Stone, installed in the castle in 1446, you've got to lean backwards off a parapet--a little awkward, sure, but the iron support rails make it less of an exciting proposition than when, back in the day, you'd be dangled by your ankles.

But the Blarney Stone and the imposing castle themselves are only the tip of the iceberg: The grounds have their own appeal, including the ancient grove of the Rock Close and the lovely arboretum and gardens (which include a Poison Garden starring such botanical badasses as mandrake, opium, and wolfsbane).

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Today: 9:00am-7:00pm
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Cost: $15.00 USD

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