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Athens, Greece

Theatre of Dionysus

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Shades of Pleasure and Tragedy

The theatre of Dionysus is the birthplace of modern theatre. When the cult of Dionysus came to Athens in the sixth century BC, this theatre was built as part of the precinct of a temple dedicated to the god of lust and pleasure.

The first plays that were performed here were presented by one Thespis in about 530 BC, giving us the modern word, thespian, meaning actor. The great Greek playwrights Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, creators of the concept of tragedy, put their plays on here.

It's a place where you might want to linger and enjoy the tangible presence of the distant past.

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*You'll need to pay for admission into the Acropolis to get in.

Open in Google Maps: 25 Mitseon, Athens

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