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The World's Heritage

Almost every human being on Earth has "seen" The Acropolis - in a photograph. Seeing it in person is an entirely different experience. It is one of the original UNESCO World Heritage Sites for a reason: It's not just a building, but the embodiment of ancient science, art and philosophy.

To make your visit more enjoyable, take some time to read up about its history and significance in human culture before you go, and perhaps visit The Acropolis Museum as well. Also, plan the best time to go: Check with the Athens tourism office or your hotel's concierge to make sure that your visit doesn't coincide with a large tour group or other event that might interfere with your chance to truly appreciate this magnificent site. Stout shoes and hats are a must!

Utrip Tips

*Check to make sure you're not intersecting with Greek Holidays. If you hour, it may be closed, or the hours could be different.

*Be sure to check out the Acropolis Museum, too

*Here's a few things you'll find within the Acropolis:

Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Theatre of Dinysius
Tempio di Athena Nike

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