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Cost: $6.47 USD (5.50 EUR)

Camp Out in the City

The Munich-Thalkirchen Camping Ground has a great location alongside the Isar River, with easy access to the heart of Munich by public transportation or even on foot. The grounds are notably spacious, although you'll need to get there as early as possible during Oktoberfest, when the campsite gets flooded with festival attendees. The bathrooms are large but are often busy, and the site also offers a basic shop, bar, café, and small playground. There is also the Hellabrunn zoo to visit, surfing locals to see, and bonfires to light on the river’s sandy banks. Visit the campground's website for prices.

Utrip Tips

*reservations made only for parties of 20 or more. During Oktoberfest the campground is first come first serve. 

*additional cost for extra people, vehicles and peak season see website for details

Open in Google Maps: Zentralländstr. 49 81379 Munich

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