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Munich, Germany

Munich Area Castles Tour

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Cost: $118.87 USD (101.00 EUR)

Two Romantic Castles, One Magical Day

Bavaria offers a wide selection of castles from medieval towers built for defense, to romantic 19th century castles built for the Rapunzel inside all of us. The castles tour will give you the chance to explore four castles designed for the pleasure of royalty. Neuschwanstein, perhaps one of the best known, is the inspiration for the famed Disney castle. Its also the scene of one of the most famous murder mysteries of the 19th century. Hohenschwangau offers romantic views of Bavaria as well as murals and tapestries from the Romantic era. Note that a minimum of 4 days notice is required for the booking/joining of any of Curt's tours. Please note that prices are per group, up to 7, add €47 for every person taking tour.

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* Curt Milburn may be the most sought-after guide in Munich. His tours are subject to availability. The earlier you book, the better chance you’ll have to secure the tour you’re excited about. Email him for availability - 
* Price listed here is per person assuming two people take the tour (full cost is 202 euros).

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