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Munich, Germany

Dachau Memorial Site Tour

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Today: 9:00am
This Week
Cost: $85.26 USD (72.50 EUR)

Journey into a Dark Past

This tour will lead you through original structures including the bunker, crematorium and gas chamber and help you experience Dachau through the eyes of the SS, the prisoners, the towns people and the American liberators. A visit to any former concentration camp is chilling, yet at Dachau there are stories to be passed on that enable you to have a deep comprehension of how and why the Dachau Concentration Camp came to exist, operated and over a period of decades ultimately came to exist as it is seen today. Note that a minimum of 4 days notice is required for the tour. Please also note that prices are per group, up to 7, add €13 for every person taking tour.

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* Curt Milburn may be the most sought-after guide in Munich. His tours are subject to availability. The earlier you book, the better chance you’ll have to secure the tour you’re excited about. Email him for availability - 
* Price listed here is cost per person assuming two people take the tour (full cost 145 euros)

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