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The Rustic German

For an authentic taste of rustic German cuisine, Zum Schusterjungen serves a wide variety of regional specialties, from the well-known wiener schnitzel and sauerbraten to the rindergoulash and pease pudding. Other dishes include soljanka, a sweet-and-sour vegetable soup seasoned with smoked bacon and pork; kasselerbraten, a smoked pork loin smothered in gravy; and Konigsberger Klöpse, a dish of meat dumplings in white sauce and capers. Their generous portions, country-style furnishings, and warm hospitality make Zum Schusterjungen a great meeting place for friends. Relax with pint of Berliner Schusterjunge Pils and a shot of strawberry syrup, and you’ll soon be feeling like a local.

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