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Explore a Hidden Berlin

Step down beneath the bustling streets of Berlin into an underworld, featuring miles of dimly lit tunnels and bunkers, inhabited by the Nazi regime during WWII. This specific tour takes you through a plain, unassuming green door in one of Berlin’s subway stations into several large, stone bunkers and tunnels. The structures are full of interesting artifacts left untouched since the end of the war. The tour guides are wonderfully entertaining and very knowledgeable, making for a fun, yet intellectual, experience. Tours with Berliner Unterwelten are unbelievably popular, and tickets may only be purchased on the day of the tour, so be sure to get there early, as you won’t want to miss it.

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*Cash Only

*Recommended by local expert Charles Odom.

Open in Google Maps: Brunnenstraße 105, 13355

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