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Reminder of Shadows

The Wannsee House is a living testament to Berlin’s—and Germany’s—persistence of acknowledging the mistakes of their past, and memorializing them so that they act as a guide for future generations. In this same light, the Wannsee House stands as a reminder of the evils of the Nazi Regime and a place of information and reconciliation about the Holocaust. The Wannsee House the meeting point for the Wannsee Conference, where top Nazi officials discussed the “final solution to the Jewish problem.” Now though, despite its horrific past, the Wannsee House offers chilling insight and information into the practices and tactics of the Nazis as well as showcasing the harrowing stories of the Holocaust and its victims. If you’re looking to soak up some of the darker parts of German history on your Berlin trip plan, then a stop at the Wannsee House is a must.

Utrip Tips

*Entrance is free but special exhibits and guided tours are extra.

*Closed on major German Holidays

Open in Google Maps: Am Großen Wannsee 56-58

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