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Berlin, Germany

University Mensa: Herrenhaus Duppel

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Fine Cafeteria Food

A "mensa" is a state-run and subsidized cafeteria at many German universities. These cafeterias are full of cheap eats and are the perfect stop for budget travelers. Not only do these cafeterias offer authentic German food, they offer an authentic German experience. You have to buy a special Mensa card to purchase food. Once you buy the card, load it with money from a nearby machine. Once the card is loaded, head into line and pick and choose what you'd like. The menu is often illustrated or can by translated by students. Mensas offer great meals and a way to make friends.

Utrip Tips

Most Mensa cafeterias do not take cash. Instead they require a "MensaCard" which you can purchase at the cafeteria. Student ID's may receive a discount.

Open in Google Maps: Oertzenweg 19b 14163 Berlin

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