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A Top-Tier park

Tiergarten’s original use was as a game park for the Electors of Bradenburg, but thankfully, the ferocious beasties that once prowled these grounds are gone, and we’re left with the largest urban park in Berlin. With the grounds designed in 1830—and many of the trees being older than that—there’s a deep sense of history that runs throughout the massive expanse of the park. Berliners come to play sports, grill, and enjoy popular retreats within the park such as the Café am Neuen (an outdoor Self-Service Restaurant and Biergarten) and peaceful Rousseau Island. If you’re looking to stroll in the woods but don’t want to leave the city, a few strolls through Tiergarten will add lots of headroom to any Berlin trip plan.

Utrip Tips

*Victory Column *Café am Neuen *St. Matthew's Church

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