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Berlin, Germany

Third Reich Berlin Tour

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Hitler & WWII - The Final Days

Insider Tours provides an unparalleled history of the the most notoriously defining figure and regime of the 20th Century – Hitler and the Third Reich. Insider's authoritative guides have made this one of the world's most highly regarded tours on the subject, mixing integral sites with profound history. From the remains of the 1000 year Reich and the ruins of Himmler's SS and Gestapo HQs, to the location of Hitler's New Reichs Chancellery and the exact location of the Führer Bunker, Insider provides you with a new understanding of Berlin during this moment in history. See just how present WWII still is on the streets of Berlin today. This tour meets at 10am in front of McDonald's opposite the main entrance to Zoo Station, Hardenbergplatz 2-4 10623 .

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On this tour visitors will: *View the cragged spire of the bombed out Memorial Church -and get a full description of the ferocity of the Allied bombing campaign and the defence of the Nazi Reich Capital. *Discover the remains of the 1000 year Reich and see ­Goering's Air Defence Ministry where the Luftwaffe co-ordinated the Battle of Britain. *Stand above the exact location of the Führer Bunker - and listen to a step by step account of Hitler's suicide. *And much much more...

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