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Cost: $3.49 USD (3.00 EUR)

Climb the Victory

Standing strong after numerous regional clashes and two World Wars, the Victory Column (Siegessäule) was designed by Heinrich Strack after 1864 to commemorate the Prussian victory in the Danish-Prussian War. By the time it was inaugurated in 1873, Prussia had also defeated Austria in the Austro-Prussian War and France in the Franco-Prussian War, making the statue all the more aptly named. Berliners, with their fondness for giving nicknames to buildings, call the statue “Goldelse”, meaning something akin to "Golden Lizzy." For a small fee, the adventurous can climb the 285 stairs to the top of the column. There, take in the spectacular views of the Tiergarten—especially stunning in the evening—and revel in your own personal victory.

Open in Google Maps: Großer Stern, 10557

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