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Ancient Architecture

Located on Museum Island, the three wings of the Pergamon Museum house three different exhibits: the Classical Antiquities, Islamic art, and Middle Eastern art. The museum showcases reconstructed buildings and structures that were excavated by German archaeologists abroad, including the Pergamon Altar; the Market Gate of Miletus; the Ishtar Gate and the Processional Way; and the Mshatta facade. If you're interested in the art and history stemming from Middle Eastern countries and culture, there is no place better in Berlin than the Pergamon. Do be advised, though, because the Museum is undergoing staggered renovation, and different parts of the museum may be closed during your visit; regardless, it's still an excellent addition to any Berlin trip plan.

Utrip Tips

*Free admission to anyone under the age of 18.

Open in Google Maps: Am Kupfergraben 5, 10117

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