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A Rejuvenated Space

What was once the stark concrete and gravel wasteland of the Berlin Wall’s “death strip”—the heavily fortified zone between East and West Berlin—is now a youthful urban oasis where the unity of the city is put on display. Mauerpark’s narrow grass expanse, located in Prenzlauer Berg, serves as a meeting point for locals and tourists looking for a bit of relaxation or a hot bargain. You can find Cold War-era treasures, cheap clothes, and other goodies at the Sunday flea market (every week at 8 AM), though its recent popularity has driven prices up. Bearpit Karaoke, performed by the talented and the abysmally tone-deaf, complements the hectic market atmosphere on Sunday afternoons. Also, check out the psychedelic graffiti wall, a popular hang-out spot for local youths. Berliners flock to the park around dusk.

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