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An Abundance of Absinthe

Druide claims to have Europe’s largest selection of absinthe, an anise-flavored spirit with a storied history. Just recently re-legalized in many countries, the drink was suppressed by governments due to its purported psychoactive effects and association with Bohemian counter-culture, and was much loved by early-20th-century literary figures. To drink a glass of absinthe, you’ll have to master the ritual: place an alcohol-soaked sugar cube on the slotted absinthe spoon that is resting atop your glass, set the cube on fire with a lighter, then drop the flaming cube in the absinthe and douse it with a shot of water. Druide seems to draw a large number of rambunctious high-school-aged youths, so the atmosphere isn't exactly the elegant Parisian speakeasy where Hemingway might hang out. Come for the tremendous late-night two-for-one happy hour and the quality DJs on weekends.

Utrip Tips

*Recommended by Local Expert Adie *Happy hours: >€4 cocktails: 7-12 PM on Monday and Tuesday, and 7-9 PM every other day. >2-for-1 cocktails: midnight till 2 AM, every day >Select absinthe drinks for €2.50: all day Wednesday

Open in Google Maps: Schönhauser Allee 42

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