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Berlin, Germany

Cold War Berlin Tour

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Walking Behind the Wall

This tour follows the often ghost-like trail of the death strip and Berlin Wall, retracing some ­of the more intriguing fortifications of its border. It is designed to serve as a reminder of the Cold War which kept the world in terror for forty years and came to an end not that long ago. Get an extraordinary insight into what it meant to live in the eastern bloc's most Stalinistic State: the former GDR. You'll also learn about successful and failed escapes and how MI6 and the CIA tunneled under the Wall and tapped into the Red Army's secret communications, as well as the methods used by the Stasi to guarantee control of East Germany's population.

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*Features include the monumental Soviet Embassy, "Ghost Stations", former Guard Towers, Stasi surveillance techniques and equipment, locations of both successful and failed escape attempts, a complete reassembled area of the inner and outer fortifications of the state border, and much much more.

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